The 12 Best Natural Deodorants for Sweat-Free Underarms This Summer

There is a new trend in the beauty market and it has to do with your underarms. Brands have been releasing aluminum-free deodorants in response to the movement towards products that don’t contain the controversial ingredient. Reports about the potential harmful effects of aluminum have been debated for years with no final verdict on its actual effects. According to the National Cancer Institute, aluminum-based products are meant to “plug” the sweat ducts stopping the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface. Some studies have shown that aluminum has a hormonal effect on cells that is similar to estrogen, a naturally-occurring hormone that is known to promote cancer cell growth when in excess. The research behind the aluminum-based products is inconclusive but many women have decided not to take the chance leading to interest in cleaner options.

Take a look at any natural deodorant review and you’ll probably see a range of reactions because not all products are made to be effective. Without the plugging effect of aluminum, some natural deodorants either don’t work or cause reactions with sensitive underarm skin. To help ladies transition we’ve rounded up 12 natural deodorants without aluminum that will definitely keep you covered throughout the hot summer. Tarte serves up a super-clean vegan formula while Kiehl’s goes for an unconventional deodorant cream. Whatever your needs, these picks from Farmacy, Aesop, Biossance and newcomer Myro are sure to provide.

Peep our list below and make your way to a sweat-free summer.