About us

Puriste Facial Cleanser On A Bathtub

When Dermatologist Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones grew increasingly unimpressed with the 'miracle creams' and 'breakthrough ingredients' that have flooded the skincare industry for decades, the desire to bring skincare back to the basics arose and Puriste came to be.

She recognized a skincare collection was needed that was not only highly effective, but unquestionably uncomplicated, gimmick-free, eco-friendly, and affordable - a line that was immune to skincare fads. She believed everyone deserved a product line they could entrust their skin to for a lifetime. 

After producing the first small batches of her custom formulations in 1989, she observed one particular ingredient was far superior in treating all common to severe skin conditions; medical-grade glycolic acid. Naturally occurring in sugar cane, it allowed for her intention to create a capsule collection of medical-grade, multi-action products.

Since then, Puriste has been sold exclusively in Dr. Garnis-Jones' several medical spas. In 2017, alongside her daughter Saundra, Dr. Garnis-Jones decided to re-launch Puriste with a refreshed vision.

Taking after her mother's entrepreneurial nature, Saundra ran a graphic design agency for several years previously. Her minimalist aesthetic and her love for all things art and design, which she believes are powerful tools in enhancing wellness when executed correctly, synergized well with the aims of the skincare line - and the current Puriste was born.

Today, our goal is to relieve you of time wasted trying countless new products by offering the best in advanced skincare essentials – to simplify your busy life and add more beauty to it too. 

The Puriste we see in the future re-defines the "skincare brand" - working towards an integrative wellness concept that embodies the restorative principles of purity achieved through advanced science, modern technology, and minimalist design. The result is to achieve a healthier, happier, and more beautiful world.