About Puriste

Puriste Facial Cleanser On A Bathtub

Our Story

When Dermatologist Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones grew increasingly unimpressed with the 'miracle creams' and 'breakthrough ingredients' that have flooded the skincare industry for decades, the desire to bring skincare back to the basics arose and Puriste came to be. She recognized a skincare collection was needed that was not only highly effective, but unquestionably uncomplicated, gimmick-free, eco-friendly, and affordable - a line that was immune to skincare fads. 

Since then, Puriste has been exclusively sold in Dr. Garnis-Jones' several medical spas. During that time, the line expanded into 14 skin-essential products. Each one fine-tuned based off of years of patient feedback. In 2017, alongside her daughter, Dr. Garnis-Jones decided to re-launch Puriste with a refreshed vision and a new lab in Vancouver, BC.

Today, our goal is to offer the best in clean, honest skincare that will simplify, heal, and enhance your life and our planet.


Our Ethos

Puriste skincare re-defines the medical skincare brand - working towards an integrative wellness concept that embodies the restorative principles of purity achieved through advanced science, modern technology, and sustainable design.

The brand stands for mindfulness and attention to detail in everything from the ingredients to thoughtful packaging which takes cues from contemporary art, design and the tech and creative industries. The product itself can easily assimilate
into any beautiful space, while providing your skin with vital nourishment utilizing the highest quality ingredients - naturally-sourced and laboratory-made.


What Makes Us Different 

Formulas developed by dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones, and fine-tuned over 25 years of dermatological practice.

Puriste fuses a design-centric brand identity with medical-grade formulations suited to an intelligent modern consumer who not only seeks out high quality products, but also brands that say something about who they are.

All-in-one genderless products designed to make skincare uncomplicated for the busy lives of modern people.

Primarily glass packaging contributing to keeping our oceans free of plastic waste.

Manufactured in Canada by a lab based out of Vancouver, BC.

An entirely women-owned and operated business.

Puriste is a highly concentrated product designed to only deliver active ingredients and usable nutrients to your skin without any misleading ‘groundbreaking’ ingredients or technologies. 

Puriste formulations are made to the highest standard of purity containing no dyes, fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic preservatives.

None of our products are tested on animals.